Mike Mays - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Mike Mays
Career Services


Mike Mays, Student Employment and Interview Coordinator for Career Services, is a true asset to his department and Oregon State University.  He has been described by his colleague, using such words as dedicated, caring, tenacious, open, and as Captain Safety for his team.  Other descriptors were “punny, ,” “Mikesized,”  and “King of Groaners,” words demonstrating the personal affection and high esteem his colleagues hold for him.  He is also the person who keeps his colleagues informed about OSU and other sporting events, bringing a sense of “real life” and humanity to his work in Career Services.  Mike gives 1000 percent all the time and his colleagues and students know they can count on him for whatever it takes.

Mike has been involved in many committees in his unit and within Student Affairs. In his work he coordinates all campus student employment, assists with on-campus recruiting and is the major point of contact for students seeking assistance from Career Services.  He has also been active in OSU 2007 and is part of several cooperative-learning groups.  Mike is a person of action. He doesn’t just attend meetings; he prepares and contributes.  He is very good at program development, is collaborative and brings new ideas and insights to his work both within and outside his unit and the division.

Mike demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact every day and in all he does.  He is purposefully committed to students, making sure he does all he can to get the word out to them about jobs.  His sense of justice and fair play ensures that campus employers communicate positions to as many students as possible. He works hard to remove barriers that inhibit students from finding work.  Mike is open to new ideas and ways of thinking, working hard to broaden his understanding of how he can best contribute to the needs of his unit.  Mike cares deeply about his colleagues and their well being, taking on extra responsibilities and filling in for others whenever and however help is needed. In short, Mike is the kind of guy you want to have on your team; with his assistance you know your team will find success.

Congratulations, Mike!


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003