Michele Ribeiro - Student Affairs Service Awards 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

in Celebration of

Michele Ribeiro
Counseling & Psychological Services

Michele is humble and unassuming of her positive impact to the university community, but this humility is paired with an admirable work ethic. She gets more work done in her day than many others will in a week. She has never sought recognition but many believe she is deeply deserving of it.

She is an excellent clinician who works to provide quality care to her clients and move forward the agenda for prevention and wellness across the OSU campus and serves as coordinator for the Mind Spa. She remains a tireless advocate of diverse and underrepresented groups and has been so successful being tremendous visibility to the group programs at CAPS that the numbers have nearly doubled in capacity to serve the mental health needs of OSU students.

Michele epitomizes what it means to be a community builder. She is caring, hardworking and collaborative. Perhaps her most significant contribution in community is her work as part of the Student Affairs Assessment Council in developing a strong liaison relationship with the Black Cultural Center. Her commitment to serving the African-American/International African community has led to the development of groups at the Black Cultural Center (BCC), regular office hours that the community utilizes, but perhaps more importantly, credibility that has translated to an invitation to serve on the BCC Advisory Board.

As a coworker, Michele is interested in the whole person, not simply their work, but their work as it relates to the rest of their life. Teamwork stretches to become her commitment to building community, and ultimately, a sense of being at home in the work place. She continues to demand of herself and CAPS staff to be generous with the gifts of their training and education to the student affairs community.

Providing support and programming to students is her priority, even it means digging a little deeper to make it happen. A driven and tenacious heroine for students, our hats are off to you, Michelle!

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010