Max McBride - Student Affairs Service Award 2005-06

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Max McBride
Memorial Union


Max McBride is truly the heart of the Memorial Union.  His service and dedication are clearly evident in his extremely high work ethic, showing up for work no matter what, and in his ever-present cheerful attitude.  He is continually cleaning, servicing, and preparing the Memorial Union building for the use of everyone on campus – and he does it inconspicuously - never drawing attention to himself and even drawing back if too much attention is placed on him.  He is a quiet and humble person with high integrity and a work ethic unmatchable in the Memorial Union.  A person of few words, he chooses to lead by example.

Our university is a place where we have pride in our traditions, hope for our future, and a commitment to progress and positive change.  This phrase sums up Max's loyalty and effort, for he carries those feelings into his work and into the relationships that he is building with our newer student staff.

Max’s colleagues describe him as dedicated, humble, indefatigable, focused, flexible, supportive, and caring. He’s also known as MU’s “main man” for setting up the monthly unit birthday parties. One co-worker has exclaimed that “we will NEVER have a replacement for Max, when he retires, who will provide the dedicated service he has exemplified year after year after year. I love Max.”

The Day Shift Custodial Services Coordinator, Max has set a fine example for all employees with his dedication to care for the Union for many years, especially through the past couple of years while dealing with a major health issue.  His energy and enthusiasm remind us that keeping up your spirit can help the healing process and encourage others in their own personal struggles.

Dealing with the thousands of people who visit the Memorial Union daily puts quite a strain on the custodial staff.  Just the same, Max is always available to assist with emergencies as they arise (floods, falls, spills, etc.) in-between working his regular duties and keeping up with intermittent workloads like dusting our vaulted ceilings, replacing rotunda chandelier lights, and washing windows.

Max’s involvement with the MU’s energy management program has gained him recognition for being a person who is always looking for ways to save energy, money, and time while still maintaining the Union in top form.

In every season Max is a major provider of service to MU events, programs and meetings. He’s on the job every day and devoted to the Union.


11th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2006