Mary Nendel - Student Affairs Service Award

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Mary Nendel
Memorial Union


Mary Nendel has been serving as a Custodian at the Memorial Union for many years. During that time, each weekday, sure as the sun rises to warm the Willamette Valley early each morning, Mary Nendel has been here to open the building and set OSU Students and her fellow staff up for daily success.

Mary is a dedicated member of the MU organization, tireless in her efforts to provide a clean, safe environment for our guests and her fellow employees. She is one of, if not THE first person to arrive in our building every week day. She never ceases to greet me with a good morning, even though it is around 6:30a.m.  when we first see each other. Mary serves our organization in any way in which she can, without hesitation. She will ask, if I fail to mention, whether or not I’ve gotten the day’s newspapers for our work unit staff. If there are no Barometers available as I enter the building, Mary goes out of her way to count and deliver an appropriate amount directly to my office later that morning.

Mary is a cheerful and positive influence in the Memorial Union. She is quick to share a laugh, or a lament, when appropriate. She strives to provide feedback to others when it is something from which they would benefit, and is diligent in finding a gentle and positive way in which to word that feedback. She takes her job very seriously and always provides a high standard of excellence in her performance.

I find I can always approach Mary about any concerns or problems I have, and know that she will listen and respond with genuine caring. If I ask Mary for help, she provides it without question, it will not occur to her to first consider the content of her job description. Mary is consistent in her nature and her standards, and my life has been truly enriched through knowing her as a friend and a colleague.

While repetition and pattern have an inevitable way of dulling the senses and making each of us unable or unwilling to notice certain peculiarities or discrepancies, Mary Nendel has during this past year, risen above it. Her attention to detail and care for the Memorial Union has continued to improve our services each day, especially when we were not well prepared, or at our best upon opening. Mary has saved us all. Whether it was assisting with signage, lighting and access in the Summer during START, when new students-to-be were arriving to the MU to register and begin their official Orientation, or half-a-year later during the frigid times in December when MU mechanical systems were beginning to fail in the cold and her attention to detail and willingness to call attention to the situation saved us hundreds of dollars in wasted repair costs, personnel hours, replacement hardware and weeks of lost service.

I have been both impressed and positively affected by Mary's punctuality, dependability, attention to detail and assistance in maintaining quality control. Before I fully understood how high the staff held the bar in measuring cleanliness, appearance and accessibility here at the MU, Mary was there to show me both in her work effort on the floor, and in her daily pass-down information at the morning briefing. The level of effort she brings to every shift can be seen in how good The Commons look in the early mornings and throughout the lunch rush, as well as the level of pride, tidiness that order that shows itself in both the Learning and Quiet Lounges each morning as well as in the administrative areas throughout the Business Office.     

Because she does her job so well, others are better prepared to follow through on theirs and the whole Memorial Union Team is better prepared to serve the students and guests of OSU each weekday.

Mary is always quick to celebrate and appreciate others. It is most definitely time for us to celebrate and appreciate Mary Nendel!”



14th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 19, 2009