Mariette Brouwers - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Mariette Brouwers
University Counseling & Psychological Services


Mariette, a licensed psychologist, is the Training Director for the UCPS Pre-doctoral Internship Program, and has been with UCPS for 19 years – longer than anyone from the original OSU Counseling Center. 

Mariette is in her first year as director, and is in charge of the selecting interns from a national pool of candidates, is responsible for their training program, arranges for their evaluations, and works diligently with assessment issues.  Her colleagues appreciate the fantastic job she has done.  It was said, “If anyone can get us through the process of accreditation, Mariette is the one.”  

As a Psychologist, Mariette has worked with thousands of students.  She advocates for student rights and responsibilities and has provided outstanding clinical intervention in individual, couples and group formats.  One of Mariette’s colleagues noted, “She is well loved by students.”  Another said, “She views students from a strength-based perspective.  In the face of any student’s struggle, she remembers that they are a whole person.”  Mariette specializes in students with eating disorders, and has been a “tireless advocate” for these individuals.  She helps coordinate the annual Eating Disorders Awareness Week and other programs around this issue.  Mariette works hard to raise awareness in interesting and engaging ways, and her efforts have been very successful. 

This is not Mariette’s only niche.  She brings her expertise to a variety of women’s issues.  Mariette is a regular contributor to the programs and services offered through the Women’s Center, where she provides counsel on topics ranging from the advancement of women, to domestic violence, to dealing with stress.   Mariette provides training sessions for the Women’s Center staff and always receives “rave reviews.”

Mariette has a great deal to be proud of in her work to promote the status of women.  She was one of the first members of the Faculty Women’s Network Steering Committee in the late 1980s and early 90s.  Mariette has served on the Women’s Center Advisory Board and was chair of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women in 1990-91.  One colleague described her as a “fond, fearless rebel!” She is outspoken when it comes to social justice issues such as discrimination or the objectification of women, and has participated in “Take Back The Night.” 

The term “role model” was used a number of times in describing Mariette.  In each case, it was accompanied by examples of a balance that Mariette has seemed to achieve.  For instance, it was stated that she is “hard working,” “efficient,” “gets things done,” “never avoids a challenge,” “is always willing to help,” and “reliably follows through on her commitments without question.”  She was also said that she is “very open,” “continually enthusiastic,” and “cheerful,” and “brings humor to her work” and “expresses care for her students and colleagues.”   One person said that, “there is no more caring person in all of Student Affairs than Mariette Brouwers.”  Another common theme in describing Mariette was that of integrity and honesty -- her colleagues said she “means what she says and says what she means,” “she is true to her personal values,” “she walks the talk,” “there is no doubt she will tell you what she thinks,” and “she has an openness about her values that shows she is a person of integrity.”  Mariette is also known as a person who values and fosters growth.  She is dedicated to professional development, both for herself and others.  In the words of a colleague, “Mariette has demonstrated a firm commitment to OSU and its students, to the growth of the UCPS training program, and to her own development as a member of this campus community.” 

Mariette is the kind of person who appreciates, acknowledges and celebrates the contributions of others.  She does not seek the spot light for herself, and actually dislikes it when too much attention is drawn her way.  But she does like to celebrate, and by all accounts is very good at it.  She can even sing “Happy Birthday” in Dutch.  And, the thing Mariette enjoys celebrating most is the arrival of a baby.  Mariette loves babies and delights in holding them.  When anyone in UCPS adds a new member to their family, Mariette “expresses unbridled joy.”  Her colleagues expressed what a pleasure it is to watch Mariette at these times.  Mariette has a way of reminding people that “work has to work with our lives” and how important our families are.  It is a pleasure to celebrate and honor the contributions of Mariette Brouwers with this Service Award!


9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004