Marcie Starr - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Marcie Starr
Student Health Services


Marcie Starr is a Registered Nurse Certified in College Health.  This certification is an example of the “above and beyond” attitude Marcie brings to her work.  She has developed and oversees the allergy clinic at Student Health Services and has developed the risk management portion of SHS into a vital part of the organization and the campus.  She has also been in on the ground floor of planning and developing the campus-wide employee health program for OSU employees who handle animals in their daily work.  She has been active in the Northwest Allergy Association and has been an officer in that organization. 

Several members of the Student Health Services staff supported Marcie’s nomination.  Here are some excerpts from the nomination and praise that she received: 

The word frequently used to describe Marcie is “precise.”  Whatever tasks Marcie takes on, she will do a fantastic job!  She is very thorough as a nurse; she is very detail oriented and thinks things through well.  One writer stated that Marcie carries vast knowledge of her fields of specialty in her head and in her heart, making her a valued resource for all the clinical staff at Student Health Services.  Marcie is incredibly conscientious and loves patients. “She is very dedicated!”

Marcie was also described as a very warm person.  She has a good sense of humor and can celebrate.  Marcie also tries to be fair and has a sense of justness…she is willing to engage in discussion with others who may have different beliefs than hers.  She has openness to hearing other opinions.  However, the Campus Compact quality that most strikingly demonstrated by Marcie is her caring for others – for students and staff!

Marcie is retiring this summer.  Several writers noted that this means that she will never have to be on time for things (and therefore never late).  Also, it was recommended that her husband continue bringing her that cup of coffee in bed in the morning because, even though she will be retired,

SHE DESERVES IT!  To sum it up using the words of a strong Marcie supporter:  “Marcie over the years has had a unique ability to inspire me - and others - with her knowledge, her support, her leadership and her love for others.  I’m sure she will be greatly missed now that she is retiring.”



8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003