Linda Paschke - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Linda Paschke


As Student Organization Development Coordinator, Linda Paschke assists student groups with developing leadership skills in their organizations and in their programming efforts.  She assists them with event planning, especially through the cultural meal support program.  She helps student organizations, especially those which are new or those that are struggling.  She advises the Student Education Committee as well as the Student Activities Committee either as trainer or facilitator.

Many student and university organizations have benefited from her advising.  She has helped so many students of color such as African/African American, Asian-Pacific American, Latino/a-Chicano/a, and Native American.  She has involved both American and International students to organize and conduct numerous cultural programs that benefit the entire OSU community.  She has played important roles in the Student Involvement Fair, Event Planning workshops, and the Student Leadership Awards Banquet.

Her committee involvements include serving with the Student Development OSU 2007 Strategic Planning subcommittee, Kaleidoscope, President’s Commission on the Status of Women, Conference and Event Coordinators Network (CECN), ASOSU Campus Advocate Search Committee, and the ASOSU Senate Chair/GPSA Chair Search Committee. 

Linda has been the heart of Student Involvement even when it was still known as Student Activities Center, and she was acting as the Diversity Development Coordinator.  In all positions in which she has served, Linda puts students first and puts all her energy and best effort in that purpose.  Often referred to as “Pollyanna,” Linda sees the best in all things and all people, even when those around her see and say otherwise.  She is joyful, caring, nurturing, devoted, and possesses a boundless amount of goodness, energy, and the desire to bring out the best in everyone.  She is very supportive of individual staff members’ personal and professional development. 

Linda has always had the concerns of the students first and foremost in her mind.  She knows all the students who come into SI by name practically – and always has a smile for everyone who passes by her doorway.  She is indeed the “spirit” of Student Involvement.  Both ASOSU and the other student organization officers have already expressed what they will be missing with Linda’s impending retirement.  For years they have counted on her for advice, support, and wise counsel.  Undeniably, the students just adore her.  Not only is Linda viewed as the spirit of SI, but many consider her as the heart of SI, having made a significant difference especially in the lives of students of color by being a living example of the Campus Compact – her talk is small, her walk is BIG in regards to students of color.  Students have felt that she has given more than just doing a job.  She works tirelessly, is everywhere, and offers support to all who ask.

Linda is valued by both her colleagues and the students for her professionalism, her very kind heart, her glowing spirit, her amazing grace, her exemplary meekness, and her unusual talent and skills in building positive relationships with people, not to mention her selflessness in her giving to others.   Those that have worked directly with different groups of color have always heard glowing remarks about Linda.  She does not only help and assist them; she goes beyond when needed, even to help serve food or clean up tables at their events.

In terms of how Linda has demonstrated the values of the Campus Compact, here are some observations and conclusions:

  • Purposeful – Linda is so focused on what she is doing with students that she has been known not to notice that it is the end of the day and time to go home.
  • Disciplined – While she is very undisciplined in keeping track of her glasses, she is committed and responsible to bringing out the best in all who have the good fortune to encounter her.
  • Open –  Hers is the most open of hearts and office doors. 
  • Caring –  There can be no higher level of caring than that which Linda has shown to the students, co-workers, and the OSU community. 
  • Just – Though very hard for her to be the policy police, Linda is, above all, fair, open-minded, and very balanced in her perspective, always with the best interest of the students as her focus.
  • Celebrative – Linda is the original party animal, the ultimate hostess and lover of any opportunity to celebrate the large or small things.

Linda values relationships with people.  Students and staff seek her out for her wisdom and support.  She has a way of making you feel valued.  She is able to identify the hope in any situation.  She doesn’t let people pull her into their stuff, but stays true to the core of who she is, and her core is love and care.

Those who know her find it difficult to describe her in one word.  Many refer to her as “Polyanna.” One description depicts her as “Altruistic.”  Another group, in trying to put all her outstanding qualities into one, came up with this descriptor:




7th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

June 5, 2002