Linda Anderson - Student Affairs Service Award 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Linda Anderson
Counseling & Psychological Services


Passionate is a word that comes up frequently when people describe Linda Anderson.  Compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable are other words that are widely used.  Her supporters think she is AWESOME and want to see her get the recognition for her hard work that she truly deserves.  Linda’s efforts make a really positive difference at OSU.

As the Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) Coordinator and Licensed Psychologist, Linda is responsible for providing confidential support, information, and/or counseling for any OSU student who has experienced unwanted sexual contact or interpersonal violence.  In addition to coordinating support services and providing educational programming for various campus constituents, Linda is a skilled and sensitive psychologist, she is in demand as a therapist and maintains a full caseload. Linda oversees the “SASS line” which provides confidential telephone support, crisis intervention, and information regarding resources.  She is recognized by her peers for her valuable expertise.

Linda is a member of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, chair of the Sexual Assault Response Network, SARN, a member of  SART (Benton County Sexual Assault Response Team), and co-chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Sexual Assault.  These committees involve work that affects survivors individually, as well as working toward streamlining services for survivors on a systems level.  Linda does a wonderful job collaborating with professionals such as police officers, district attorney, CARDV, and other professionals who are involved helping survivors.  She has facilitated many training programs on Sexual assault response for residence hall staff members, Women's Center staff, sorority members, and she has done many talks in living groups and at various functions. Additionally, Linda provides training for pre-doctoral interns at UCPS. She's been actively involved in planning Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities with students for the past 2 years.

A co-worker says,  “I really appreciate it when Linda serves on a committee with me because I know she will do the work in a timely manner, be thoughtful, and make a valued contribution.”

Linda has made a huge difference in the lives of students.  She is actively working to streamline the processes that survivors face after experiencing a sexual assault.  She has worked tirelessly giving talks and presentations to all kinds of student groups.  She has brought in outside speakers, such as SEX SIGNALS, that reached many, many students.  She has served as an advocate for individual survivors.   She has served as a mentor for students who are working to make a difference in this field. 

Linda has a calm, patient style that evokes trust.  At the same time, she is passionate about establishing rights for survivors, and backs up her passion with a strong knowledge base.

Linda demonstrates all of the values of the Campus Compact in everything she does.

She is a hard worker, a staunch advocate for students, a compassionate and supportive colleague, and an incredibly knowledgeable professional. Linda is committed to both research and service provision, approaching the educational mission of her position in its broadest sense.  Linda celebrates the contributions of others and the work that all of us are engaged in and she is lots of fun at parties!

Congratulations Linda!  You embody “care” and we salute you.


10th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 26, 2005