Leslee Mayers - Student Affairs Service Awards 2010-11

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Leslee Mayers
New Student Programs & Family Outreach


“What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow,” Irish poet James Stephens expounds. Work in the Student Life cluster of departments and offices is often initiated by the heart and supported by professional knowledge and discovery. And there is no finer an example of a Student Life colleague who follows her heart and challenges herself to acquire knowledge and develop as a leader, supervisor, co-worker, and team-member than our committed, organized, reliable, persistent, and good-natured Assistant Director of New Student Programs and Family Outreach, Leslee Mayers.

With an uncanny ability to meet the needs of multiple constituents in delivering high quality programs that represent Oregon State University, Leslee manages her ever-increasing workload with creativity and grace. She has been a change agent in the orientation programming and continues to be a consensus-builder who makes the programs work better for all involved, especially the students. Her service on committees spans student affairs and academic affairs; she is a Panhellenic advisor, a member of the Student-Parent Advisory Board, sits on SARPA and the Academic Advising Council, and chairs the Beaver Orientation Team and the START Bilingüe planning group. This past year she was an active member of both the START and CONNECT task forces, helping to set learning outcomes for START and CONNECT and recommend changes to improve delivery of programming for new students and their family members. On the national level she is currently serving as regional board representative for the National Orientation Directors Association. She formerly served on the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Additionally, this year Leslee has taken on developing an on-line orientation to be delivered to International Students. In order to achieve this, she secured a grant from the Provost, has entered web content, and has worked with offices across campus to ensure that correct information is utilized.

Leslee’s intuitive and generous heart is expressed in her efforts to establish authentic relationships with colleagues and cultivate trust between staff members. She cares for her colleagues both professionally and personally and is encouraging and devoted to letting others’ strengths shine. Although über-diligent about work, she is ever-ready to be interrupted and invite another to join her for a scrumptious quesadilla at Qdoba.

Students and parents embarking on their OSU journey are not aware of Leslee’s tireless efforts coordinating details and managing all that is necessary to provide them a seamless program and an outstanding experience. Students selected to be START leaders are wisely mentored, thoughtfully supervised and tremendously valued by Leslee. She is a learner-centered, community-focused professional who is committed to a culture of continuous improvement. Leslee embraces the concept that

her work intersects with others’ for a campus-wide endeavor.  Her presence at work, home, and play represents OSU to students, their families, colleagues, and the community in a way that is consistent with our University’s values of accountability, diversity, respect, and social responsibility.

We celebrate Leslee’s excellence, innovation, orchestration, connectivity, sensibility, cheerfulness, compassion, adept listening, extraordinary event planning, spirited work ethic, and infectious sense of humor!

16th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2011