Kyle Cole - Student Arrairs Service Awards 2011-12

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Kyle Cole
Assistant Director, Pre-College Programs


As Assistant Director, Kyle provides the day-to-day leadership and coordination for the Office of Pre-College Programs. He builds partnerships with youth programs on campus and with local organizations and school districts. He secures funding for programs such as STEM Academy, Talented and Gifted Programs and SMILE.

 Kyle is a strong advocate for the youth of Oregon.  He embraces the importance of introducing and nurturing a college going ethic in students as early as elementary school. He has also established a mentoring program for OSU students to work with middle school and high school students through internships and student employment.

Kyle was instrumental in the creation of the Youth Outreach Leadership Council and is a member of its Youth Safety Workgroup. This group is working to develop comprehensive Youth Program Policies and Guidelines to safeguard the young people who participate in OSU programs. Kyle also played a key role in forming the Youth Outreach Alliance which brings together faculty and staff involved in youth outreach and programming from all areas of campus. This has resulted in increased collaboration, increased efficiencies and a greatly enhanced visibility of OSU’s role in providing educational experiences for youth.

One colleague said of him "Kyle is outstanding in everything he takes on – he is a gem, who is dedicated to serving others with a great deal of grace, generosity, humor, and humility." 

Another said:  "Kyle turns everything he can into a learning moment. He focuses on why we do what we do and then aligns our department's actions with our college access mission. He always checks in to see how projects are going and is the first person to give acknowledgements."

In light of these accolades, it is not at all surprising that the words used by his colleagues to describe him include exceptional, innovative and awe inspiring.


17th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2012