Katie Neiert - Student Affairs Service Award 2011-12

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Katie Neiert
Coordinator, Pre-College Programs


This person’s warm, welcoming personality has become the face of OSU to thousands of students. As a Precollege Program Coordinator, Katie Neiert works tirelessly and helps with virtually every event, program, and project in the Precollege Programs Office. Her dedication has created a dramatic increase in prospective students coming to see what college is all about.

One colleague said “Katie is like the batter in a baseball game; she has to take what is thrown at her, which could be anything. She hits it out of the park even when teachers and bus drivers and room bookings all cancel or change times impacting dozens of presenters on campus; Katie quickly re-coordinates the day’s agenda creating a real rounded and whole experience for all involved.”

Katie coordinates and supports numerous programs and events including: the Campus Field Trip Program, the Volunteer with Kids Program, the OSU GEAR UP Natural Resource Camps, the Discovering the Scientist Within Event, the PeaceJam Event, and the Si Se Puede events. Katie has also served on the Youth Safety Workgroup and helped to generate the policy guidelines for OSU youth programs.

One notable accomplishment comes from Katie’s leadership of the Campus Field Trip Program. This year the program will host a record high of 5,000 middle school and elementary school students. This is a 50% increase in the number of Campus Field Trip participants when compared to last year! This tremendous growth was due to Katie’s exceptional dedication to student service. A good portion of the increase in students coming for the Campus Field Trip Program are students coming from underrepresented populations that Katie works hard to reach out to.

Katie also helps organize the OSU GEAR UP Natural Resources Camp which will host 88 students, a 100% increase over last summer’s camp

Words colleagues use to describe Katie are dedicated, inspiring, and determined.

Katie has made a big impact on the OSU students and the precollege students she works with. She gives them a chance to learn leadership skills and helps them build their confidence. Katie goes out of her way to make sure students have a good experience and she genuinely cares for them.

Katie teaches precollege students the importance of learning as a goal for higher education. She also helps OSU faculty, staff, and students translate their research, skills, and passion into learning opportunities for precollege students.

One colleague said, “She really gets it, what she is doing, why she is doing it, and why it is important”. Katie, today we thank you for your hard work and for your contribution to OSU. You are an all star on this team and your RBI stats are off the charts!


17th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2012