Karly Nelson - Student Affairs Service Awards 2005-06

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Karly Nelson


It is my pleasure and honor to announce the 2006 Student Affairs Award for the Department of Admissions.  This individual was praised by colleagues who described her with words such as   exceptional, professional and phenomenal.  This amazing individual is:  Karly Nelson!

Karly’s office title is Admissions Advisor and she is responsible for new student recruitment, specifically for the territories of Northern California, Central and Eastern Washington, and Central and Eastern Oregon.

Karly’s peers praise her for her “can do” attitude and willingness to help – many times without having to be asked -- in any area of the office -  from transcript data entry to meeting with parents and students who visit campus, counseling them on their admission to OSU.

Karly helped her co-workers by arranging for the Alumni speakers at OSU Nights.  This assignment for Karly consisted of contacting and confirming speakers at 16 events held throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii.  Karly is also praised for her exceptional performance, professional behavior and overall attitude.  It is clearly evident that Karly enjoys her job.  Her co-workers rave that Karly excels in everything she does.

Karly was praised for always being respectful and open minded when working with students, parents and members of the OSU community.  She has a strong bond with staff and alumni that she maintains with consistent communication and follow-through.  Her warm personality and devotion to OSU overflows into her work as an advisor wherever she travels in the Northwest.

Karly is caring, respectful and has a student-centered approach to accomplishing her duties.  She has excellent communication skills which makes working with her a real joy as she does not leave her colleagues in the dark and always gets back to them with the answers

to their questions as soon as she possibly can.  She also maintains a positive attitude as she works on the projects that will improve the Admissions Office and subsequently, Oregon State University.  It is with great honor that I present the Admissions 2006 Student Affairs Award to KARLY NELSON.



11th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2006