Joy Jorgensen - Student Affairs Service Award 2008-09

Statement of Wonderfulness
In Celebration of
Joy Jorgensen
Enrollment Management


By official title, Joy Jorgensen is the Assistant to the Assistant Provost for Enrollment Management.  But then, “organizational charts and fancy titles count for next to nothing”.  (That’s what Colin Powell said.)  Several generations ago, the book Everyday Wisdom reminded us that the importance of a title is second to the importance of the book, itself.  Joy Jorgensen’s story is told in her activity and character.

Joy consistently goes beyond the penciled boundaries of her position description.  In fact, her supervisor describes her as a “business center in one person”.  Colleagues would add that she not only coordinates issues of budget, human resources, invoices, and scheduling, but she also senses the workload and urgencies of others and makes herself available in their times of need.  When the Admissions Director was without an assistant for ten months, Joy covered the gap.  Reportedly, “Joy has the answers and everyone knows it… so students and staff alike go to her with questions.”  Colleagues particularly enjoy her ability to provide context – big picture, details, and historical reference. 

Joy’s wisdom is partially attributable to the depth and breadth of her engagement in campus committees, programs, and events.  She is the Treasurer for the Professional Faculty Leadership Association; a member of the Oregon Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers; and an organizer of the annual Degree Partnership Program Summits.  She has represented the Office of Enrollment Management on the Leadership Team, taught Odyssey classes, coordinated holiday giving trees, helped with food drives, and yes, she helped plan this Student Affairs Celebration event. 

Joy regularly speaks and acts to preserve and advance the human spirit.  Her colleagues define her as a loving, humble person, rich with knowledge and determination.  She is appreciated as a good listener, and described as a positive and reassuring “mother hen” with a strength and stability that inspires confidence.  “When the pulse starts to wane, she provides life support”, says a colleague who finds some commonality between Joy and the ready-to-help paperclip guy on your computer screen. 

One word to describe Joy Jorgensen?  It can’t be done.  How do you say “solid,” “enthusiastic,” “capable”, “caring,” “fun,” and “professional” in one word?  Our campus compact speaks of six principles that ground the community of Student Affairs.  Colleagues’ testimony highlights each and every one of these principles in Joy Jorgensen.

Purposeful  “She is intentional with her actions and believes in what she does.” “Joy has a way of putting daunting tasks into perspective, and making them approachable.” “She has a personal and professional attitude that ‘success is possible’.”

Open…  “She is genuine, honest, and forthright.”

Just… “She seeks fairness and equity, and will not let an unjust issue go unnoticed.” 

Disciplined…  “She is more than persistent – many people are persistent.  She keeps going with a positive energy.”  “I admire her ability to balance and blend personal and professional pursuits.”

Caring…  “She brings people together and holds them together – finding a unique way to connect with each of the varied personalities in the unit.”

Celebrative “She has a wonderful, impish, playfulness; and nobody is off limits.”

Colleagues speculate that if everyone was like Joy, the world would be more caring, more kind… and likely so productive, we would only have to work four days a week.  Without her, well… is it over the top to say the world would be “Joy-less”?  She is a loving and loved person who would be enormously missed.



14th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 19, 2009