Joe Luker - Student Affairs Service Award 2005-06

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Joe Luker
Dining Services


Joe Luker is the Retail Sales Manager for Marketplace West for University Housing and Dining. On a daily basis, Joe oversees the operations of seven restaurant concepts in the Marketplace West dining center, dealing with ordering, staffing issues, pricing and all of the things that go into helping the concepts run well.

Along with his work, Joe has been very active in a variety of committees and initiatives within the Dining area and UHDS as a whole. He has been involved in committees such as Improving Mentoring and Coaching, Improving Client Service, Consistent Pricing and Diversity. Joe also works with programs that provide special service to our students, such as the Moonlight breakfasts that occur the Sunday of dead week and the West Side Area Committee, creating programs that service students living on the west side of campus. 

Joe’s colleagues nominated him because he is an amazing person to have on your team. When you need something done, you can count on him to attack the problem with 110% effort. He cares a lot about what students and staff are going through besides being hungry and looking for a good meal. He always checks in and has an encouraging word for everyone. He seeks out new learning opportunities for himself and his staff, he freely shares his knowledge with others, and cares dearly for the students he serves and the students he employs. One of his most unique aspects is his way of sharing analogies and parables as a way of dealing with difficult subjects. He has a way of diffusing emotionally charged situations through storey telling that is both wonderful and amazing. And in dealing with people through his work Joe doesn’t just provide excellent service…he makes everyone’s day.

Some words used to describe Joe are wise, compassionate, amazing, spirited, heart, “can-do” and FANTABULOUS! For all of this and more, we celebrate Joe Luker today with the Student Affairs Service Award for 2006.




11th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2006