Jill Childress - Student Affairs Service Award 2010-11

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Jill Childress

Resident Director, UHDS

Jill Childress, Resident Director for Weatherford Residential College.  One colleague said “Jill is fantastic at helping students feel a connection to the University.  Whether it is helping them with an interpersonal conflict in the hall, or understanding the multiple student support and academic resources on campus, she shows students that she is there to help them be successful in their residential and university experience.”

Jill manages a residence hall community of around 300 students and supervises a resident assistant team of eight.  She is a live-in professional staff member who coordinates facility management, advises the student government, serves as the community’s conduct officer, provides crisis management response, counsels and advises students.

She does an amazing job of developing the RA’s she works with, utilizing a very individual approach and challenging and supporting them in ways that allow them to both grow and be successful.  Jill sees potential where others only see problems.

Jill believes in and fosters lifelong learning.  She represents residential education on the Academic Care          Team and supervises the graduate assistant for Academic Success and Engagement. She also coordinates the residential component of the community’s partnership with the Austin Entrepreneurship Program. 

Jill is passionate about social justice and has been a member of the University Housing and Dining Services diversity initiative. She helps to create a safe place for both students and staff to grow and thrive.

One colleague said “Jill reminds me daily of our roles and responsibilities as educators of the next generation – not through words but through efforts and actions – I am proud to be on her team.”

Words used to describe Jill are: passionate, thoughtful, and dedicated.

Thank you for your commitment to UHDS, Student Affairs, and the University.  Your hard work, dedication, and service to those around you does not go unnoticed. Thanks for opening your home and heart to those on campus.

16th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2011