Jennifer Vina - Student Affairs Service Awards 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Jennifer Vina
University Housing & Dining Services

Jennifer brings an ethos of professionalism, compassion, and creativity to her work. She goes above and beyond, wears a smile, and never expects anything in return. She is one of those people who gives her all, every day.

Student staff know her as “Mama Vina.” She always has time to make a connection and to support students and colleagues. She has high expectations for herself, her peers, her staff, and her supervisors. To Jennifer, everyone’s story matters. One colleague said this of her work “Jennifer has helped create a socially just and celebrative culture where the dignity of every individual is joyfully affirmed and where equality of opportunity is vigorously pursued.”

Another colleague shared a story about a time when a Latino family was standing off to the side at a prospective student event and Jennifer quickly approached them and engaged them in conversation. Those standing around saw the look in their faces of relief and happiness as they were welcomed and put at ease. This is the everyday Jennifer.

Jennifer is the Assistant Director for the Marketing, Assessment, Communications, and Diversity unit in University Housing & Dining Services. She plans and implements the marketing and assessment efforts for the department. Many people know Jennifer through her involvement in numerous campus activities, events, and committees. Jennifer represents UHDS at prospective student events, she has served as an advisor and internship supervisor for the CAMP Scholar Internship Program, and she serves as an OSU Faculty Senator representing Student Affairs. Her committee work is extensive including: UHDS Diversity Initiative, Managing Difficult and Courageous Conversations Curriculum Committee, Student Leaders in Community Committee, Best Practices of Hiring and Retaining Qualified Professionals Committee, Cultural Cuisine Committee, Relationships with Colleagues Supporting Traditionally Underrepresented Groups Committee, Pathways for Traditionally Underrepresented Students Committee, UHDS Core Operations Team, UHDS Sustainability Initiative, Centro Cultural Cesar Chaves Advisory Group, Si Se Puede Student Outreach Program, Kaleidoscope of Colleges & Cultures Work Group, Student Affairs Communications Group, and the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

Words used to describe Jennifer are: servant leader, reliable, fabulous, dedicated, positive, fair, trusted, and fantastic.
Jennifer’s finger is on the pulse of everything going on in UHDS and OSU. If anyone can make a person feel comfortable and welcome at OSU, it’s Jennifer. Jennifer is a trusted colleague and a valuable mentor to the student staff she works with.

Thank you Jennifer for your kindness and devotion to OSU, you make us all look good!

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010