Jason Schwarz - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Jason Schwarz
Notetaking & Alternative Formats Coordinator
Services for Students with Disabilities


Jason coordinates all notetaking services, books on tape, and all accommodations for students with disabilities, which would include any alternative formats.  He is responsible for the hiring and firing of notetakers and readers, coordination with the RFB&D, and the Technology Access Program.  Jason also serves as the co-chair of the University Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

Jason was involved with the implementation of the new alternative testing using an on-line database, and   he developed a database that allows SSD staff to be more effective in delivering services. This database work and his job as the SSD computer technician are in addition to his regular duties.  Jason’s gift for working with technology has made it possible for SSD staff to use it as an effective tool to provide accommodations, rather having it be an additional barrier to serving students.

Jason’s office colleagues describe him as lively (he gets the “Fish” award) and perspicacious, and are very well liked among students and staff.  He brings jollity and compassion to the office along with an unswerving desire to “get the job done.”   Jason is known for his open door policy which invites students and staff to “pop in” to discuss issues, work-related or not.

Jason has a profound sense of justice and a desire to influence positive change in the community.  He has developed relationships across campus with students, staff and faculty.  He provides an environment that allows for open and honest dialogue and acknowledgement of struggles and successes.  Jason encourages individual growth with student employees and is committed to lifelong learning.

Jason’s colleagues and student employees want thank him for all that he has contributed to Services for Students with Disabilities and celebrate him as a 2003 award recipient.



8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003