Health & Fitness Connection Group Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Health & Fitness Connection


Thank you for your consistent and tireless work over an extended period of time.  Your effort to integrate the strengths of physical therapy, health promotion, nutrition, and fitness into a seamless enterprise is a model of teamwork and collaboration.

You have struggled to find solutions to complex problems; in the process you have developed a unique model of education and service delivery not seen at many other colleges or universities.

As a group you excelled and accomplished incredible work without external models to use as guidance.  In the process you have provided our organization with an exemplary model of how collaborative efforts can elevate out performance and deepen our educational impact.  Among the lessons your work taught us are: in the face of whatever conflict we may encounter we must stay focused on our goal of serving others; we must utilize conversation as the key tool in refining our work; we must confront and respond to the fears that individual members might experience as we pursue change and organizational transformation; and our organizational brilliance and program impact dramatically increase when we connect our work to the work of others.

Your group has kept the health of our community at the center of your thinking, in the process you have allowed us to provide higher quality service, more holistic education, and enhanced focus on the health of our community.

The Health-Fitness Connection is an excellent model of group collaboration, leadership, learning and acting upon care for our community.


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003