Feature Stories

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After Shelley Griffiths' mother passed away, two friends--one of them with four legs--entered her life

When Jo Alexander’s son was born deaf, she became an advocate who wouldn’t take no for an answer- and now directs a program to assist students who cannot hear

Victor Zamora’s parents accomplished what they set out to do when they hiked through the desert from Mexico-- now all four of their children have gone to college

Josh Norris, director of the Adventure Leadership Institute, uses the outdoors to teach lessons in life

Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul and her staff at the Women's Center are implementing changes to meet the diverse needs of OSU students

Dr. Phillip Histand, OSU director of Student Health Services, has dedicated his life to serving community

OSU Veteran Services Officer Gus Bedwell explains educational benefits to incoming student Joshua Lapiro, 23, an Army veteran