Eric Hansen - Student Affairs Service Award 1998-99

Congratulations, Eric!

Eric Hansen, Assistant Director of Marketing and Assessment for University Housing and Dining, is treasured by all who know him.  He has been described as being balanced, stellar, enthusiastic, and as a person of great integrity.  Other descriptors were “fun guy” and “goober”, words demonstrating the personal affection and friendship he shares with his colleagues.  Eric seeks to encourage and bolster your soul.

Eric has been involved in many committees in his unit and within Student Affairs.  He works with the UHDS Marketing Advisory Committee, is a Fraternity house parent, works with the Student Volunteer Services Board of Directors, Student Affairs Assessment Committee, Diversity Committee and the Professional Development Team.  In all his work, he speaks with the students in mind.  You’ll hear Eric say, “let’s talk to the students first” as a guide to making decisions.  He exemplifies the true essence of an ethical and committed Student Affairs professional and is believed to be one of our most valuable employees. 

Eric demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact every day.  He is purposefully committed to students, and in his principled and ethical approach to personal and professional relationships.  He is just in all interactions, getting to the heart of conversations and cutting through the “fluff”, often bringing up the hard issues to make a greater difference.  Eric is open in discussions, to new ideas and to new ways of doing things…he is not one to say “we’ve always done it this way”, but rather, “what is the best way?” He is very caring, not only for the well being of his department, but of students and his colleagues as well, checking in with people, taking an extra minute to listen and being there for others when they need support.  He is celebrative of differences as a way to achieve greater understanding, and lives by the motto “find value in everyone and every thing”.  To put it simply, and still say it all…Eric Hansen is a great man.