Don Johnson - Student Affairs Service Award 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Don Johnson
Memorial Union Programs


Don Johnson is the Assistant Director of the Memorial Union for Programs, Marketing and Leadership. While his work is not always in the limelight, the effects of his work are always visible through the MU Programs Office and the students he comes in contact with. Don’s work has been described as some of the best work in the country in the field of student activities and programs. And though he oversees student programs, MU marketing and student leadership programs and classes, his biggest responsibility is that of a mentor, to the students and to his colleagues.

Don has been instrumental to the success of the Joyce Powell Leadership Center at the Memorial Union. He teaches several courses there that deal with interpersonal relationships, leadership, personal growth and discovery. Don has the rare ability to guide people to “ah-ha” moments in their lives. Students have noted that the courses in the leadership curriculum at the Center are one of the few places in the University where they are asked to voice what they’re thinking.

Don works with his colleagues the same way he works with students, sharing his own insights while also inviting and encouraging new ideas. He has made the MU Programs office a learning community, creating many opportunities for staff to learn, challenge themselves and share their knowledge with the students. Staff he works with see their office as successful because of Don’s work to enable them to be successful. He always makes sure credit is given to those he works with, rather than seeking any attention or accolades for himself.

Don is an excellent example of what it means to lead with integrity. He demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact in all aspects of his work. He is open to others and their ideas, he celebrates the successes of the work of those around him and he cares deeply for the students and staff that he works with. It is for these reasons and more that this recognition of Don and his work is truly deserved and long overdue.


10th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 26, 2005