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About the Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs is a dynamic organization. The lively nature of the work and relationships requires consistent engagement and leadership. The life of the organization is multi-faceted, which enables us to contribute to the advancement of student learning and the success of the Oregon State University mission in countless ways.

The Division of Student Affairs includes Career Services; Counseling and Psychological Services; Dean of Student Life; Disability Access Services; Housing and Dining Services; Intercultural Student Services; Memorial Union; New Student Programs and Family Outreach; Recreational Sports; Research, Evaluation and Planning; Student Conduct and Community Standards; Student Health Services;  Student Leadership and Involvement; and Student Media. The Division provides essential leadership for the out-of-classroom education of students, the co-curriculum which complements and supplements the academic areas, and the various services necessary for successful retention and graduation. The Division has an annual operating budget of $85 million and approximately 500 staff, plus 1,900 student employees. The Division goals are consistent with the institutional goals and aims, support and assist the instructional program, contribute to each student's total development and alleviate conditions which can interfere with a student's education.

The Division of Student Affairs supports the voice of every student. In pursuit of the values expressed in the Division’s Campus Compact, we commit to vigorously pursue the development of a purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebrative community on the Oregon State University campus.

Mission: We create engaging environments for student growth and success.

Vision: We will inspire learners and leaders to create positive change in the world through self-discovery, connection to community, commitment to action, and love of learning.

We will dedicate ourselves, individually and collectively, to student learning, community, citizenship, and success – through compassion, engagement, innovation, and action.

Goals: The Division of Student Affairs will focus our energy and resources on the following aspects of community development:

  1. We will create environments that strengthen holistic personal development and well-being of students.
  2. We will cultivate a positive, inclusive and engaging campus community where multiple perspectives are openly shared and can thrive.
  3. We will be a teaching and learning organization. We will enhance our own knowledge and the knowledge of others.
  4. We will develop global citizens who are prepared and empowered to make meaningful contributions that are socially relevant.

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