Debby Widony - Student Affairs Service Awards 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of 

Debby Widony
Student Conduct & Mediation Programs


“Debby has really been key in the transition since Bill left.  She anticipates questions and problems in a way that I have not seen.  (She reminds me of Radar in "MASH")  She has taken the initiative to learn more about the process and has worked very autonomously.  While she is VERY detail oriented, she is also very comforting to anxious students who walk into the office or call. “

“Debby Widony is a helpful, wonderful person, she is one of the most efficient people I know. She is very professional.  She is caring to students and holds them to high standards to help them develop into good citizens.   Debby is very caring and supportive of students, she doesn't talk down to them, and goes the extra mile in providing explanations about procedures; she makes sure they understand.  She doesn't let them off the hook either, but works with them to follow through on their commitments. Debby is the Mom of the Student Conduct Office.”

“Debby can be counted on. She is creative and has a huge amount of energy around outreach. She is completely efficient and organized, and also manages to take good care of everyone in the office and all the students, faculty and staff who contact the office. (Often folks who are that organized are a little short on the caring end of things and she is able to do both famously.) She is incredibly efficient at managing a huge workload, making good decisions about organizing and structuring her time. She has the kindness and patience of a saint. She is a wonderful ambassador for the Conduct program and Student Affairs and OSU.”

“Debby keeps us sane with humor and kindness. She watches out for the better good of student affairs in whatever way she can think of! Whether in person or even over the phone, she has a calming presence that frequently diffuses the situation, can put students more at ease and help them understand the process.  She is a great ally for students and staff. She is a mediator and caring individual and relationship guru between our office, student affairs and academic affairs.”

Debby is the Campus Compact!  :)  Debby is a true student advocate, wanting the students to be held accountable for their choices, but also recognizing that students are at different places in their developmental processes.   She keeps these 6 pillars in some sort of context on a daily basis, whether working with students, interacting with OSU community members or in informal conversations.  She has absolutely been a ROCK for the SCMP Unit. Many of this office's contacts, successes and improvements since the Fall of 2001 can and should be attributed to Debby Widony.”

“We have asked a lot of her in a short amount of time. She is a stable force in unstable times. She is definitely one of my MVP’s!”

Her colleagues describe her as dependable, supportive, even keel and GENEROUS, as well as creative and wacko. What a package deal!!


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 21, 2003