Dan Schwab - Student Affairs Service Award 2005-06

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Dan Schwab
Student Conduct


Dan provides administration, supervision, and management of the student conduct and discipline processes at Oregon State University.   He oversees the university's record keeping in compliance with policy on student records and the Campus Security Act as well as training and consulting related to the urgent and ongoing needs of faculty and staff regarding conduct issues at OSU.     

This describes the work Dan has chosen for his retirement.  After a 25 year military career, Dan has learned a new community, language, profession, and has become a valued colleague and beloved friend to many of us at OSU.

Dan serves has developed and enhanced working partnerships with Greek Life, the Athletic Department, UCPS, the OSU General Counsel, Oregon State Police, the local Corvallis Police and ASOSU just to name a few.  Dan serves on numerous committees including Critical Incident Response Team, Bias Response Team, Alcohol Work Group, Sexual Assault Response Network, CPD Community Policing Forum, Association for Student Judicial Affairs, Oregon Judicial Officers, Willamette Criminal Justice Council, and OSU Faculty Senate.  Dan is the faculty Advisor for Phi Delta Theta, an Odyssey/Footsteps Instructor, and he advises The National Society for Collegiate Scholars.

He genuinely cares for students and wants them to be successful, not only at OSU, but in all aspects of their lives.  He holds students accountable for their actions in a restorative, educational manner and stresses integrity above all else.  In fact, many students who have been through the conduct process consider Dan a valuable ally, returning to consult with him on a variety of non-conduct related issues.  

Dan is a wonderful colleague, through his calm yet playful demeanor he has developed and sustained relationships across the campus and beyond.  He is respectful in all of his encounters, he is tolerant, kind and forgiving and his commitment to progress and positive change is evident in his community building efforts.  Dan is dedicated to dialogue, discovery and personal growth.  He has created and continually nurtures an open, communicative, safe, honest and caring atmosphere for students, friends and colleagues alike. 

Words used to describe Dan include: honorable, committed, caring conscientious, devoted, compassionate, consistent and wise.  One colleague summed it up by saying, “Dan is a colleague who cares deeply, speaks thoughtfully, shares insightfully, and laughs wholeheartedly.” 

Dan is genuine and steady with a passion for life; whether immersed in a challenging conduct issue or riding his Harley in full leathers, Dan is his wonderful authentic self.


11th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2006