Culture of Inquiry

Culture of Inquiry Model

Learning in the Division of Student Affairs is promoted through the Culture of Inquiry Model. Created collaboratively at OSU, we encourage the use of this model for development inquiries and competencies within Student Affairs assessment. Click here for a PDF version of the Culture of Inquiry Model.

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Inquire Purposefully
  Investigate  Analyze and Interpret Share Information    Take Action
Inquire Purposefully Investigate Analyze & Interpret Share Information Take Action

Learning in the Division

With so much information available, understanding and mastering the process of inquiry can seem like an overwhelming task. Don't know where to start? Before you explore, make a plan! Our Interactive Culture of Inquiry Model offers guidance for developing a step-by-step plan of inquiry which should:


  • Ensure effective use of resources and data
  • Maximize collaboration with relevant parties and stakeholders
  • Inform future efforts and ground decision-making in relevant data
  • Assist you to determine your current skills, discover relevant resources, & plan for your goals


Before you begin, determine your starting point by self-evaluating your skills. This interactive tool will help you identify your current skills, determine what or who may be your best resources, and help you frame a plan for achieving your goals and developing your inquiry purposefully: