Connie Christensen - Student Affairs Service Award 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Connie Christensen
Office of the Registrar


As a Records Specialist, Connie Christensen is one of only five people on the front lines of the Registrar’s Office. In this position you must have complete knowledge of all phases of the registration process, and all the records obtained through that process.  Many of you may have talked with her, as she works with faculty and staff regarding grading issues, dealing with removal of incompletes, and searching and bringing up old records from “Pre-Banner Days” when necessary.

Since the Registrar’s Office receives many calls not directly related to her job, it helps that Connie has at least 15 years of knowledge of the university to share.  The knowledge and experience she brings to the job are considered extremely valuable by her coworkers.  She doesn’t shy away from hard questions, but always being ever so respectful of others.  The phrase “Exemplary Customer Service” suits her.  She’s the “best of the best” her supervisor says

 She’s always there for the student, really listening to what they have to say.  She explains why the rules are how they are, and listens to see if there may be reason to seek counsel for an exception.  Even when she can’t grant the student’s wishes, she’s compassionate for whatever their situation might be. 

The values of the Campus Compact are represented in all her daily work.  Connie is always willing to serve on various departmental groups, making meaningful contributions to committees such as Student Assessment, Mission & Goals, and hiring new staff.  She’s interested in ALL areas of the Registrar’s Office, not just her portion of it, being aware of all they stand for and all they do.  When changes occur in the office, such as those brought on by upgrades in technology, Connie can be counted on to make the transition smooth and calm, not getting flustered by having to do things a new way.  And she’s always ready to celebrate and participate in department employee birthday potlucks. 

Some of the words used to describe her are:  caring, intelligent, informed, educated, tactful, aware, patient, and calm.  Her patience really shows when it’s the b’zillionth time she’s answered the same question, and she acts as if it’s the first.  Her calm demeanor is a great asset when handling tense situations.  She is gracious to all and complimentary to those who help her and deserve credit.  Connie was nominated because she was the first one that came to mind when thinking about whom to recognize in this more public way.  She’s just really great at what she does. 



10th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 26, 2005