Division of Student Affairs Internal Committees *

Committees followed by an asterik* are those internal to the Division of Student Affairs, with membership being made up primarily, but not limited to, Student Affairs employees who have interest in and energy around a committee's focus.  Current division-wide committees and groups include the Student Affairs Assessment Council, Communications Group, the OSU Mental Health Initiative Advisory Board, and Professional Development. and the Student Affairs Educator's Forum (SAEF). Contact information is included after each committee description.

University Committees Under the Purview of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

The call for staff and faculty volunteers for committee membership is issued campus-wide by the Faculty Senate Office each spring. Contact that office at 541.737.4344 or vickie.nunnemaker@oregonstate.edu for more information. All other questions should be directed to the committee ex-officio listed after each description.

Students interested in committee membership should contact the ASOSU Director of Committees to learn more about the application process.

Committees that operate on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs through the volunteer membership of OSU students, staff, and faculty include the Board of Recreational Sports, Sports Clubs, Student Conduct, Student Health Advisory Board, Orange Media Network, Student Organization Alignment Group (SOAG); Student/Parent Advisory Board, University Housing & Dining, and the Women's Center Advisory Board.


Committees & Groups Internal to the Division of Student Affairs *


Assessment Council *

The charge of the Student Affairs Assessment Council is to implement a comprehensive, on-going assessment program to measure student and staff perception, assess needs, and establish baselines for staff performance and Student Affairs service.

Contact Daniel Newhart, Student Affairs Research, Evaluation, & Planning Director


Communications Group *

The Student Affairs Communications Group provides a forum for development and shared learning around theory and techniques for communication and marketing. Creates collaboration opportunities for supporting the Division for Student Affairs programs with messages targeting various student, staff, and community audiences.

Contact Carolyn Boyd or Kent Sumner


Mental Health Initiative Advisory Board *

In alignment with the Oregon State University Strategic Plan through coalition building, the Mental Health Initiative will provide leadership in promoting mental well-being and creating structures that support people and communities in achieving optimal mental health.  We do this through education, policy, stigma-reduction, and population level interventions.

Contact Michele Ribeiro


Professional Development *

To prepare staff to be career-long learners, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote student growth, and to advance the Initiatives of he Compact. We will establish clear proficiency standards for staff performance and clear articulation of staff members' rights and responsibilities. Committee members may also assist in planning division-wide events and other division-related development opportunities.

Contact Jen Humphreys


Student Affairs Educator's Forum group (SAEF)

SAEF is open to all members of the division.  It serves as a “think tank” for key strategic issues brought forward by the vice provost and divisional leadership; provides feedback and insight to advance our strategic plan; creates connection across the division; and fosters cross-pollination of ideas by which the division-wide learning agenda is delivered in alignment with our strategic plan.

Contact Jen Humphreys


University Committees

Board of Recreational Sports

Advises the director of Recreational Sports in establishing and administering policies and procedures of the facilities, formulated budgets and long range plans for student fee funded recreational sport programs and facilities.

Membership consists of 5 faculty, professional, and classified, 7 students (ASOSU VP, 6 at-large), and 2 ex-officio. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Leah Hall Dorothy, Ex-Officio



Sports Club Committee

This committee is the primary governing body of all aspects of the Oregon State University Sports Clubs program and is responsible for establishing and reviewing policies related to the operation of the program, evaluating and reviewing budget requests, allocating individual club moneys, and making recommendations regarding club and individual member conduct and disciplinary issues.

Membership consists of 4 faculty, professional, and classified; 5 students, and 1 ex-officio. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Leah Hall Dorothy


Student Conduct Committee

Recommends policy concerning the conduct of students and serves as a review and hearing body which determines whether a student's conduct is in violation of university regulations or interferes with and obstructs the educational mission and responsibilities of the university.

Membership consists of 5 faculty, 5 students, and 1 ex-officio. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Carol Millie


Student Health Advisory Board

This committee exists as a forum for students to have a voice in the direction of their student health services and presents an ideal opportunity for those students interested in health to give input. 
This committee serves as an advisory group to the directors and the leadership team of the Student Health Services and is the first step in the health service budget approval process.

Membership consists of 4 faculty members; 10 students (1 Non-Senate member of the ASOSU, 1 member from the Non-Traditional Affairs Task Force, 1 graduate student, 1 ASOSU Senator, 1 student appointed by ISOSU and 5 at-large students), 1 representative from Disability Access Services, and 3 ex-officio members.

Contact Gaby Bustos Ramos


Orange Media Network Committee

This committee is the governing body and policy board for all student media at Oregon State University. Reviews the operations of student media; hires all editors and managers; reviews complaints; and establishes general operating policies for student media.

Membership consists of 4 faculty, professional, and classified; 4 students (at-large), and 10 ex-officio. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Candace Baltz


Student Organization Alignment Group (SOAG)

SOAG is a representative body intended to support success of recognized student organizations at Oregon State University and is responsible for the establishment, review and revision of policy, education, training and standards of care for student organizations, their student leadership and advisors. 

Membership consist of 5 standing members (4 faculty and 1 student), 5 at-large members (2 faculty, 3 students) and 4 Ad Hoc/ex-officio.

Contact: Dante Holloway, Committee Chair


Student/Parent Advisory Board

The Student/Parent Advisory Board oversees OSU’s child care centers and the child care subsidy programs. It serves as the budgeting board for the Our Little Village student fee and helps identify goals of the Childcare & Family Resources Office. The board meets twice a month to discuss and respond to current issues and trends for parents at OSU.

Membership consists of 8 to 12 members, with the number of of staff and faculty members not exceeding the number of student members.

Contact Kristi King


University Housing Committee

Advises the director of university student housing in the development of housing facilities and programs to meet the needs and interests of students.

Membership consists of 4 faculty, professional, and classified; 3 students from these areas: (RHA president, ICC representative, hall director, residence hall student, international student, Orchard Court Community Interest Group representative); 1 community representative, and 2 ex-officios. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Dan Larson


Women's Center Advisory Board

The Women's Center Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to uphold the mission of the Women's Center and assist in the development and promotion of activities and programs. The roles and responsibilities of members include, but are not limited to: designing programs, and activities; fundraising; network/liaison with community groups; providing resources for the Women's Center; acting as advocates for women on campus; projecting priorities and goals for the Women's Center; evaluating the Women's Center's effectiveness in meeting its mission and goals; and participating in selection of the Women's Center director.

Membership consists of 5 faculty and professional, 6 students, 3 community members, 4 classified staff, and ex-officio (Women's Center director, Women Studies director, President's Commission on the Status of Women liaison, Women's Affairs Task Force coordinator, Affirmative Action director, Sexual Assault Prevention/Education program coordinator, LGBT advocate, and Minority & Disabled Students advocate. Resource person: ASOSU Director of Committees.

Contact Whitney Archer