Advocacy and Prevention Coalition

Advocacy & Prevention Coalition

The Advocacy and Prevention Coalition is charged with coordinating campus-wide strategic efforts related to alcohol/drug use prevention, violence prevention, and survivor advocacy. Utilizing evidence-informed best practices, the coalition will enact a multi-unit stakeholder approach to expand reach across the campus and into the larger Corvallis community to reach a set of common goals in prevention and advocacy.

The coalition consists of three subgroups — Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Violence Prevention, and Survivor Advocacy. The charge of the coalition is listed below.

  1. Develop specific goals that require cross-departmental involvement, with implementation timeline and measures of success, to realize a vision of an OSU culture characterized by:
    • Respectful interactions and relationships, free of sexual assault and other forms of harassment and violence;
    • Safe and healthy attitudes, decision-making, and behaviors related to alcohol and other drugs.
  2. Coordinate evidence-based strategies and implementation plans to achieve the identified goals including cross-departmental roles and responsibilities, timelines and milestones.
  3. Identify and employ measures to assess progress toward achievement of goals.
  4. Report periodically to the conveners and the broader campus community on priority projects and milestones.

The initial plan will be for subgroups to meet approximately two hours per month, and to convene the full coalition for approximately two hours per term.

The Prevention and Advocacy Coalition Insight Email is distributed weekly to disseminate research, news and coalition updates. Click here to sign up. For questions regarding the coalition please email contact.coalition@oregonstate.edu.