Chris White - Student Affairs Service Awards 2010-11

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Chris White
Information Services Manager


Chris White, Information Services Manager for University Housing & Dining Services, brought a new level of customer service to OSU and Student Affairs. One colleague said “Even if you know he might be laughing on the inside at a simple computer issue like “do you know how to turn your computer on”, he treats you with dignity and the same care as if he were designing a new program that changes how we do our work and saves us time and money…which he does all the time.”

Chris oversees the entire IT/computer system for UHDS as well as many programs and technology initiatives. Whether it is programs that track resident’s room assignments and dining plans, or a collaborative student conduct database, or going paperless, Chris is the one that makes it happen.

His ability to take a personable approach to technical issues is admirable. It’s not uncommon for Chris to go out of his way to help out and then take the extra steps to explain how things work and follow-up. He deals calmly and non-judgmentally with computer help questions. He anticipates problems and ensures the needs of the people are met.

Chris knows all things technical and innovative. When working on complex issues related to new technology, servers, dining programs, copyright violations, webcams, wireless in the all halls and dining centers, etc. he uses foresight and careful consideration. Additionally, he is constantly pushing to find ways to operate more efficiently. Lowering costs, increasing recycling, and improving productivity are all things that Chris works towards regularly.

Chris is dedicated to student success, and continually looks for ways to provide services to students without increasing costs. He is conscientious about the needs and schedules of students and tries to minimize disruptions and ensure they have the resources they need.

Words used to describe Chris are: analytical brilliance, resourceful, approachable, responsive, and driven.

Thank you for your commitment to UHDS, Student Affairs, and the University.  Your hard work, dedication, and service to those around you does not go unnoticed. We are lucky to have you as part of our network.

16th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2011