Campus Compact: Initiatives (1996 - 1997)

Listed below are the Initiatives we will pursue in the first phase of the Campus Compact implementation process. These areas were identified by the Compact planning team as the most significant and most crucial areas at Oregon State University to which we must contribute. Subgroups of the Compact planning team are currently giving structure to these ideas for partial or full implementation in the fall of 1996. The necessary connections are being made to allow for cross-functional planning where possible and appropriate.

1996-1997 Initiatives

Strengthen the Co-curriculum

To strengthen the formal co-curriculum by coordinating more vigorously and setting more clear and specific expectations for Student Affairs staff involvement in facilitating students' experiences.

Support for Student Transition Needs

To work in a more focused way with students to assist them in their transition into the University and continue until graduation (or until their educational objectives have been attained) and into the entry level of their careers. We will pay special attention to first-year success, the need for academic support, and timely career advising.

Enhancement of the Learning Environment

To create a "safe" learning environment to support student success, while offering opportunities to exchange ideas on social issues. We will pay special attention to the physical settings in which learning takes place. This may include focus on those factors that cause learners to feel "at risk" in certain settings.

Comprehensive Professional Development

To prepare staff to be career-long learners, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote student growth, and to advance the Initiatives of the Compact. We will establish clear proficiency standards for staff performance and clear articulation of staff members' rights and responsibilities.

Focused, On-going Assessment

To implement a comprehensive, on-going assessment program to measure student and staff perception, assess needs, and establish baselines for staff performance and Student Affairs service.