Bill Oye - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Beth starts up to the stage to present the Student Affairs Service Award.  Melissa and Scott follow her up to the stage.


Beth:  Hey guys, I was just going to give an award.  What are you two up here for?

Melissa:  Well, we were just thinking of all of the recognition that is given out each year, and wanted to make sure that people knew how much of it Bill Oye has been hogging.

Scott:  For instance, in Residential Life we have the Black Belt of Caring.  Bill won that.  And one year we offered the Golden Heart of Caring Award.  Bill won that, too.

Melissa:  In Housing and Dining we have an internal recognition program titled “Pillars of Excellence”.  Bill won one of those even though he isn’t in our department.

Scott:  And there is the OSU Exemplary Employee of the Year Award.  This is a very big deal! Not many know right now, but Bill won that award this year!  He’ll get his official award at University Day in September.

Pause for the applause

Beth:  Don’t forget the Student Affairs Service Award that Bill won 7 years ago, when it was first given.

Melissa:  That’s cool, but you know what Bill hasn’t done?  He hasn’t won the Student Affairs award twice.

Scott:  No one has done that and with only 7 years of existence, it would be nearly impossible to win it twice.

Beth:  Well, you know guys, it isn’t impossible.  In fact, the Student Affairs Service Award for the 2001-2002 academic year goes to Bill Oye!

Pause for more applause—Bill comes forward to accept his award.

Beth:  While Bill is coming up to the stage, there are a few things that you should know about Bill. 


Bill is the Coordinator of the Student Conduct and Mediation Programs here at OSU  He is an avid reader, a stock holder with Java II, and a faithful fan of “West Wing”.  Red vines are good bribing tools and if it wasn’t for his magic wand, his messy desk would be take over entirely. 


Bill has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and is currently working on his doctorate in Education with a focus on social justice and multicultural issues.  All of this while teaching CSSA and Odyssey classes, active with NCBI, Community Health Initiatives (and chairs the Education and Prevention subgroup), Student Leadership Initiative, Bias Response Team, STAART, Residential Life living groups and in creating a support network of Oregon conduct officers. 

Bill you have been recognized for this award because of your commitment to students and staff.  You have been described by your peers as:

Easy for students, staff and even parents to confide in

A student supporter in an educational framework

Caring, modest, honest, genuine, invested in OSU, fair, just, an open and active listener

You are not afraid to confront difficult situations

You invest extra time and energy to help people out

You create an environment that supports the Campus Compact

You take win/lose situations and make them win/win

Your energy is contagious and people appreciate your collaborative efforts


Thank you Bill for the service that you have given to Student Affairs.