Bill Bereskin - Student Affairs Service Awards 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Bill Bereskin
Financial Aid & Scholarships


Bill serves as an Information Systems Manager in the Financial Aid & Scholarships office. He analyzes procedures and design enhancements, modifications in vendor supplied software, including development of technological solutions and reports. He is relentless in searching for ways to make the aid process easier for students. 

For example, he has been involved with converting the student and department work-study process from paper to the web. He worked with Payroll to make one of the shared processes more efficient in order to save their office time and reduce human error. By taking this proactive approach, streamlining has resulted in improved communications with, and delivery of services to students.

Bill is the liaison between FAO&S faculty, staff and information services staff, and he assists users with implementation of vendor supplied software. He resolve problems with vendor software in concert with users, management and the Information Services Staff. Analyze, design assist with initial coding and document interfaces between Banner and other existing and new staff. He is always quick to take ownership of any “hard” issue that comes up.  The bottom line is as you can see is he is a “go to guy” to get things done.   He does all this while working on his bachelor’s degree. 

Bill is great to work with, a hard worker who is always considerate of others and doing so with a sense of humor.  He is very conscious of student needs and has worked on taking the initiative towards making the financial aid experience for students a positive experience.

The one word to best describe Bill is Open.   In his interactions, he has always demonstrated respect for and valued others, understanding the essentiality of a safe environment if OSU is to continue to be a learning environment, thus he is open to all individuals, ideas and thoughts. He is supportive of each individual and knows that everyone he works with is working toward the common goal of keeping OSU a learning community. 

If you don’t know who this is already, I would like to introduce my nominee Bill Bereskin. 


10th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2005