Bil Morrill - Student Affairs Service Award 1997-98

Bil Morrill
Career Services


Bil Morrill dropped the Ducks and migrated north in 1997. In his role as career advisor, Bil wasted no time in rolling up his sleeves and taking on the labor intensive job of coordinating the Spring and Fall Job Fairs for Career Services, each of which attracted over 200 employers and more than 2,000 students.

 Over the past seven months he has put together over 60 workshops and seminars to address and meet the needs of OSU students.

Bil serves the OSU community through volunteer membership on the Student Affairs Campus Compact Statewide Sub-Committee, the OSU Child Care Committee, and a university Recognition and Awards committee. 

 He is described as a person who is “loved” by the employers, and one who enthusiastically volunteers for new projects to benefit students even though  work may be added to his already over-loaded calendar.  Specific words used to describe Bil are “joyful” and “supportive.” 

When asked how Bil demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact one colleague wrote, “Bil is caring and just.  He is celebrative - he is always looking for the good in people and programs.  He treats people with respect and dignity.  He keeps spirits up and keeps the focus forward.  He is warm, friendly, and is a great presenter – bubbly and funny!  He is passionate about family and human dignity. He maintains a healthy balance in life and helps others keep their perspective.  Bil celebrates diversity and is a lifelong learner.”


May 27, 1998