Beth Wasylow - Student Affairs Service Awards 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

in Celebration of

Beth Wasylow
Counseling & Psychological Services

For a little background, Beth provides individual and couples counseling at CAPS, co-facilitates the grief and career exploration groups and works as a liaison between CAPS and Residence Life. She also informally works with the School of Education, the Women’s Center, the Pride Center and other committees in the wider campus community.

Beth co-developed the Mind Spa and regularly identifies ways for CAPS to connect to the larger student community who doesn’t come in to use our services. In the words of a coworker: “I’m confident that the Mind Spa would not exist without her contributions. Beth advocated tirelessly for the funding necessary to create this innovative facility. This required her to communicate the vision underlying the Mind Spa across multiple departments. The money having been collected, she continued her careful stewardship of this program by seeking community donations and purchase discounts so as to maximize the offerings of the facility within a limited budget allotment. Beth also drafted most of the beautifully worded written materials that guests use to guide themselves as guests in the Mind Spa.”

As if that is not enough, Beth has created from “scratch” an extremely effective and mutually beneficial liaison relationship with the Pride Center on campus. This has included a regular support group called “Bites with Beth and Robyn,” psychosocially educative seminars, involvement in Pride Week planning, and general consultation around all things psychological. She has enthusiastically coordinated the CAPS Food Drive in the past and was a huge motivator in increasing donations to the cause.

Beth is not only an idea person, but she is a planner and very organized. This is particularly helpful with large workgroups that may meet infrequently. She often is either the leader or very involved in creating programs and policies. Beth is a committed member of the CAPS Clinical Services Committee and has a natural talent for creating order out of sometimes chaotic processes such as our redesign of client paperwork. Her years as an instructor benefits the CAPS organization as well bridging, the disconnect that sometimes occurs between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Beth also co-chairs the CAPS Diversity Committee. Her commitment to a just and equitable community is readily apparent. As a result she provides a wonderful model for what it means to balance the demands of mental health practitioner and social change agent. Her organized yet energized orientation to committee leadership inspires members to engage which is a talent to emulate indeed!

Beth experiences value in every person she interacts with. Even in the midst of conflict and difference she communicates a palpable sense that she deeply values the “other.” This is a “stance” and a skill set that is often imitated but very difficult to authentically live. She consistently does so even when tested in interpersonal situations in which it might be easier to devalue and create distance from the humanity of the other person. Beth courageously differentiates herself from the group when necessary to invite others to consider social justice implications of policy decisions. She readily confronts discrimination and advocates for inclusion for diverse groups including LGBT, lower socio-economic Status, and Native American cultures. She acknowledges conflict and invites dialogue to better understand differences between ideas and action. She is open and free….she rides a Harley!

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010