Beth Rietveld - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Beth Rietveld
Interim Director of Student Involvement amp; Women's Center Coordinator


Beth provides leadership for Student Involvement, which provides resources for students including student organizations, leadership development, community service, and information/involvement.  Beth also provides direct leadership for the Women’s Center. 

As the interim director of Student Involvement (SI), Beth has been focused on goal setting, marketing, and fundraising for SI.  She has been instrumental in setting up the first advisory board.

Beth is highly involved with issues relevant to students.  She services on the Student Involvement Advisory Board, the Queer Resource Center Advisory Board, and has served on many search committees throughout the university.  Beth has been very involved in childcare issues and is a member of the Child Care Advisory Committee and the Child Care Friend-Raisers.  Beth has been relied upon for her expertise in developing affordable childcare for OSU student parents.  In addition, Beth has demonstrated a passion and commitment to a variety of women’s issues by serving on the President's Commission on the Status of Women, the Sexual Assault Response Network, Women's Center Advisory Board, and the Faculty Women's Network.  She is currently working to bring together women in the sciences and engineering to provide a support network for students.

Beth has consistently demonstrated her commitment to Student Involvement.  She has a strong vision of respect for all people, honoring students and fellow staff by developing and improving relationships.  Beth works tirelessly to support everyone within Student Involvement and the Women's Center.  Beth makes it a point to learn about her colleagues, find out their hopes and dreams of each--and has a wonderful heart.  She is much appreciated by the staff because she steps forward and actively seeks to enhance the reputation and vision of Student Involvement.  She is a leader in every sense of the word.

One of Beth’s nominators said, “Beth gives so much of herself to everyone with whom she interacts, and this has left a tremendous impression on me over the course of the year.  I feel lucky to work with Beth, as she is a wonderful mentor and role model.  Beth's energy and creativity are two elements that I especially admire. I am also impressed by her ongoing commitment to students and staff, and the many ways she works outside the requirements of her position(s) to serve them.”  When talking about her impact on students, Beth’s staff said, “The student staff at the Women's Center visibly light up when she walks through the door, and I know that they appreciate her sincere interest in them and their activities, beliefs, and goals.  She exudes passion and kindness, and the students see this and respond to it.”

When asked to describe Beth, one word was continually repeated: “Passionate.” First and foremost, Beth is passionate about celebrating students, student involvement, student success, and the achievements of women on campus.  Her warm, supportive nature and energetic manner convey her passion for students and the issues they face.

A couple of Beth’s nominators said that using one word was not possible.  Beth is a great mentor and leader.  She is dedicated, caring, giving, supportive, energetic, trustworthy, optimistic, persistent, patient, and positive.

She is a leader who comes from a place caring.  She has always been very open and honest.  Beth has been a great leader for SI in a time of great change.  She is able to keep her eye on the horizon and think about the possibilities ahead, rather than the challenges left behind.

Beth believes in justice, equality, caring, and fostering individuals' unique voices. 

Beth makes a difference everyday for students, staff, and the OSU community.  Her commitment to the ideals of the Campus Compact are evident in her determination to "do what's right."

When asked how Beth had demonstrated the values of the Campus Compact, her nominators were unanimous and said she embodied the entire spirit of the Compact’s values.   

Just - Beth's commitment to a just community is demonstrated in her day-to-day actions, she creates opportunity for all to speak their truth, to share their lived experiences, and to be treated with respect.                     

Celebrative - Beth loves to throw a party and takes every opportunity to celebrate all people.  She supports the various activities that create opportunity for recognizing accomplishments, traditions and the humanity of each individual.  Though she is always striving for new heights, she never neglects an opportunity to recognize someone's efforts and their value.  This is rare among managers, and yet it is vitally important.                     

Caring - Beth puts caring for individuals at the forefront of every interaction. She demonstrates a very personal level of concern for all whom she interacts with. Her care of students provides a safe space that leads to relationships founded in trust and openness. Her passion to challenge all "to do what's right" is seen in her interactions and support of various social issues.                   

Purposeful - Beth's actions are very purposeful, she challenges us to seek out new experiences, to build community where none currently exists, to go beyond our comfort zones, to be engaged life-long learners. She enables others to achieve success.

 Open- Beth demonstrates what it means be 'Open". She is committed to expressing her individuality and providing a safe space for others to do the same. She creates an environment of safe space that allows individuals to engage without fear of retaliation.

 Disciplined-Beth, like all of us, is on a continued path of growth and development. Past experiences have provided her with opportunity to develop leadership in the area of expectations and standards.

Beth continually demonstrates her commitment to the common good as the Interim Director of SI.  She is a very capable individual who leads by example, offers her wisdom, community spirit, and compassion.  The staff of SI believes that Beth is most deserving of this award. One of Beth’s many nominators said,   

“I was very pleased to add my name to the nomination because I've known Beth for many years and I know she has not promoted herself, but rather our functional area has been her target of concern.  She deserves to be recognized for working selflessly for the improvement of Student Involvement.  I consider Beth not only a colleague but a friend who listens and appreciates what her fellows have to say.”  She has stepped up to the challenge of leading .I., and in doing so has given the support, direction and care that is needed for her staff to blossom with success. “She has infused hope, pride, and life into our department.”

8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003