N. Beth Hawk - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

N. Beth Hawk 


Beth is the Fitness Coordinator for Recreational Sports.

Beth has been here for about six years and the Fitness Program has more than doubled during her tenure.  Beth does outreach to local schools and provides programs for students and teachers.  She has developed new programs every year from kick boxing, physio balls, and numerous others.  Beth supervises practicum students each term and is a guest speaker for Odyssey classes and Exercise Science classes.  Beth coordinates group exercise, personal training, weight training, the cardio room and the weight room.

Beth is involved in the campus Wellness Initiatives and the Health Fitness Connection with Student Health Services.  Beth is on the Wellness Task Force doing wellness outreach with Residence Life, Orchard Court residents, and others.  Beth serves on the Professional Development Committee for Rec Sports.  She is also active in the Seaside Wellness Conference; a statewide program to bring community and work teams together to promote wellness and team building.  Beth is also on the NIRSA national fitness committee.

“Beth embodies the department’s basic tenant of providing compelling learning experiences for students whenever and wherever possible (direct student employment, practicum and internships, formal instruction (FIT), modeling, coaching).  She is truly and educator.  Beth believes in what she does (Health and Fitness) and makes an important difference in student lives.  She is enthusiastic, caring, and can always be counted on to place the well being of students as a focus.”  “When you’re down, Beth lifts you up.”  “She is a good spirit.  She always looks for the silver lining.  She helps people get grounded and clear again.  She has really helped people stay together during the construction.  She is interested in each student and their futures.  Beth is the person most of the staff go to if they need direction or a positive lift.  Plus, she’s “all that and a bag of chips.”

The words used to describe Beth are:  spirited, passionate, enthusiastic, and high energy.

Beth is a teacher, is open to positive change and new ideas, values relationships and collaboration, supports individual contributions, embraces change, and strives for personal growth.

Beth celebrates the milestones in peoples’ lives.  She is purposeful and planful; knowing 5 years out what she wants for her program.  She genuinely cares about her students and the staff she works with.  She openly shares her knowledge with others.  She is disciplined and committed to supporting the standards and expectations of her department, Student Affairs, OSU, and the community at large.

Rec Sports has a “Hula” award for the person who is the department cheerleader.  Beth was the first recipient of that award.  Beth bubbles with enthusiasm and makes people feel welcome.  She is an excellent example of how the Campus Compact lives out in peoples’ lives.


7th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State Universtiy
June 5, 2002