Beth Dyer - Student Affairs Service Award 2005-06

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Beth Dyer
Counseling and Psychological Services


Beth is the Administrative and Technical Services Manager at CAPS. She wears many hats. She oversees payroll, computer operations and she supervises staff.  It seems that she’s always busy coordinating the day-to-day procedural systems that keep CAPS running smoothly. She manages the regular technical challenges associated with the electronics on which the CAPS staff rely, AND she works tirelessly to continually improve the accessibility and value of CAPS services to the student population as a whole and to student groups that tend to underutilize CAPS in particular.  Here are some things her colleagues had to say about her…………….

Beth is committed to diversity.  She has worked hard over the years to learn more about others differences and has become more and more involved with working with diverse agencies on campus.  Beth is just.  She treats others fairly and speaks up when she feels like someone is being treated unjustly.

Beth has taken an active leadership role in collaboratively building and maintaining positive working relationships with other departments within Student Affairs to facilitate seamless student referrals. She has developed and maintained a leadership role in applying for, hiring, and supervising the CAPS Promise Intern.  Beth serves on two committees, the Diversity Committee and Assessment Committee and takes leadership roles in both.  She is committed to diversity issues within our office and has attended professional conferences to enhance her skills in working with our department.

Beth goes above and beyond her job duties.  All the professional faculty are ethically bound by seeking professional development and adhering to the implementation for social justice measures, however Beth seems to do it out of personal interest and commitment to making OSU a better place for our students.  I admire her dedication.

These committees benefit from her initiative, her patience, and her perseverance. She challenges our internal staff to find ways to improve our services to students and faculty and aims to implement the knowledge she gains at the University wide Assessment Council.  In regard to diversity, she seeks out opportunities to implement programs in our office so students can be positively mentored into psychology as a possible career choice.  Beth also maintains liaisons with offices that serve underrepresented students on campus and is a vital part of our team at the center and for the larger campus community.


11th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2006