Anita Jones - Student Affairs Service Award 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Anita Jones
Dining Services


It is my pleasure and honor to announce the 2005 Student Affairs award for the Dining Services.  This individual was praised by her colleagues.  They used words such as:  “caring, dedicated, great listener, compassionate, and responsible” all tied up in the beautiful package called a “great sense of humor.”  This person serves as the staff coordinator for Dining Services and her duties include hiring student staff and training them as well as providing her services with student payroll.  She has been very instrumental in the UHDS Safety Committee and the Student Orientation and Training Program.

This amazing individual is:  ANITA JONES!!

When Anita’s colleagues were asked how she demonstrated that she is the heart of Dining Services and has made a difference in the lives of students and staff, they had quite a lot to say!  Here’s some of what they shared with me:

Anita works the late shift and the students working during her shift – especially the students with a positive work ethic, have developed a wonderful relationship with Anita.  There is usually a steady stream of students visiting her office.  She knows all of them by name and shows them that she really cares about them by always being a ready listener.  Anita is inspirational to the students as she encourages them to work through the trials they are dealing with at the time.  Her goal is to see each student graduate,  to reach their full potential and to be successful in life.

One of Anita’s special gifts is the ability to work through difficult situations.  When faced with a disciplinary issue, she serves as the student advocate, always backing her student employee and then working with them to resolve the problem.

Colleagues are always remembered on their birthdays because of Anita’s thoughtfulness – even if she has to be a little sneaky to get them to come to their surprise party.  One staff member shared that on her birthday, Anita came and told her that there was an irate customer who wanted to talk privately with both of them.  Anita then led her to a meeting room where they were greeted with cheering staff members who Anita had invited to celebrate her special day.  This is just one example, of Anita’s caring attitude.  Anita remembers everyone and leaves no one out, even using her own money if necessary to make someone else’s day special.

Anita’s sense of humor is always appreciated – just ask those attending the staff meeting where she proudly displayed her “Chicken Fish” creation.  This is an inside joke – you had to be there.

Anita is very, very devoted to Dining Services.  She wants Marketplace West to be successful and makes sure the staff has everything needed to make things run smoothly.  She works many hours of overtime when she would rather be home with her family.  I quote one of her co-workers who stated that “Anita does what it takes to get the job done – she’s that kind of person.”

Please join me in recognizing this special woman:  Anita Jones


10th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2005