Allison Davis-White Eyes - Student Affairs Service Award 2004-05

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Allison Davis-White Eyes
Minority Education Office


If anyone deserves recognition for service to OSU it would be Allison Davis-White Eyes.  Allison is a tireless ambassador for the University.  There have been times during the year that those in the Minority Education Office forget what she looks like because she spends so much time representing OSU across the state.  Much of the work in MEO is to serve as the face for the institution in our community, and Alli is that perfect person.  She is passionate about access for students of all backgrounds; especially those with Native backgrounds.

Alli has the unique ability to reach out to, and communicate with all people.  From assisting OSU presidents navigate in the Native community across the state, to hosting the community at OSU’s annual Pow Wow, Alli always makes everyone feel that they have a place on our campus.  One of Alli’s images is that of an advocate – for students, for colleagues, for her peers.  She is an epitome of grace, warmth and generosity, and embodies the values of the Campus Compact.  Often she is the voice of reason when difficult issues are presented on our campus.

It is not a surprise, therefore, that to her colleagues, Alli is sought out to provide perspective on personal issues and professional advice.  On a personal basis, one close colleague says:  “Alli is a person I seek out to give me perspective on personal issues and professional advice.  I have known Alli since my undergraduate days at the other university down the road from here, and in that time she has always encouraged me to challenge myself to make a difference.  For that, Alli, I thank you.  I salute Allison Davis-White Eyes for her efforts, her commitment, and her dedication to making OSU a better place for all of us.”

Allison has been perceived as a valiant warrior for students and her community.  She has done incredible work bridging OSU and the tribal communities, making higher education a possibility for many Native American students that would not have otherwise considered it.  Allison makes the face of OSU warm and friendly with a deep respect and understanding for the cultural intricacies of the many different Native American communities.  She is a champion for students, and her support and constant presence make it possible for Native American students to take on leadership in important ways, provide programming that contributes to the richness of the university, and help students develop skills and confidence to enjoy success in the world after college.

Allison is a wonderful colleague.  She has done great work connecting the MEO office with academic units across campus as well as other Student Affairs units.  Hers is the steady voice in the sometimes chaotic work of diversity and community building. 

She supports the efforts and learning of colleagues working towards social justice.  She provides a safe atmosphere to talk things through that results in better understanding.  She has provided educational programs to help further our understanding of Native American issues, and she always lets you know how much your work means to her.  She cares deeply for people, and while hers is not a noisy splashy presence, you know she is there for you.

Allison is a wonderful friend who listens carefully and celebrates joyfully.  She is fun to be with, and has a wonderful throaty laugh that is infectious.  Allison has done much to weave the fabric of the community in a way that supports growth, challenges injustice, and energizes the efforts of those around her.


10th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 26, 2005