The Office of Student Affairs Research, Evaluation, and Planning (SAREP) provides leadership for developing a culture of inquiry, data-driven decision making, and planning that keeps the student at the core of our work. 


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Why Assesment?

Assessment allows for an intentional commitment to engagement in an organized and reflective process to examine and improve student learning through thoughtful data gathering and analysis (Bresciani, 2006; Culp, 2012). According to Culp (2012), when we create and work within a culture of assessment we are engaged in a continuous learning cycle that asks questions that matter, builds on accomplishments and design and implement programs, processes, and services to help students define and obtain their educational needs and goals.  


Additionally, Maki (2004) describes assessment as “…the means of answering those questions of curiosity about our work as educators” (p. 2). Assessment helps us explore the many facets of evidence that allow student affairs professionals to draw inferences about how students make meaning of their educational experiences based on our practices and programs. At its core, assessment helps us understand whether or not we are doing what we claim to be doing.  


The office of Student Affairs Research Evaluation & Planning is always available for consultations. We collaborate with numerous offices within Student Affairs and in Academic Affairs at OSU. Depending on your specific needs, one of our coordinators will meet with you to discuss your assessment needs and questions. Please Contact Us! We are here to help.