2014 Division Annual Report

The Division of Student Affairs demonstrates bold leadership, implements innovative programs and provides quality service to enhance student success at Oregon State University. As captured in the annual report, our division is committed to creating environments that strengthen holistic personal development with resources dedicated to student health and well-being, substance abuse and sexual assault prevention, accessibility and counseling services. We cultivate an inclusive and engaging campus community with numerous cultural events, social activities and fitness programs. We intentionally engage in teaching and learning that enhances the knowledge of students, university professionals, and others, offering a multitude of programs geared toward the greater Corvallis and Oregon region. Student Affairs, with active cultural centers and diversity programming, strives to develop global citizens who are prepared and empowered to make meaningful contributions that are socially relevant. 

The 2014 Division Annual Report can be read in its entirety here. Highlights from the report include: 

Stats from 2014 annual report