Division Annual Report 2014



The Division of Student Affairs at Oregon State University strives to demonstrate bold leadership, implement innovative programs and engage in high-level service delivery in order to foster, aid, and enhance the success of students. The Mission of the Division is to “create engaging environments for student development and success.” Our goals include:

  • Creating environments that strengthen holistic personal development and well-being of students;
  • Cultivating to a positive, inclusive and engaging campus community where multiple perspectives are openly shared and can thrive;
  • Purposely being a teaching and learning organization that enhances our own knowledge and the knowledge of others; and,
  • Developing global citizens who are prepared and empowered to make meaningful contributions that are socially relevant.

 During the 2013 academic year the Division of Student Affairs faced a number of substantial transitions that shape in large part this report’s contents and structure.  Enrollment Management’s reporting line shifted to the Provost’s Office.  The Dean of Student Life accepted a vice provost-ship at another institution and an interim dean was named.  Finally Vice Provost Larry Roper announced that he would step at the end of the academic year and a search was conducted for his replacement.  Much divisional attention was focused on responding to and accommodating these changes.  Nonetheless, the division continued progress on its strategic plan, with specific outcomes related to: implementing an orientation program for new employees; implementing a survey to assess the level of community in the Division; developing a position description for a Director of Communication, in collaboration with University Relations and Marketing; developing a plan for more central coordination of student affairs resources; and a plan for advancing development activities in the Division.  Clearly each initiative of the strategic plan will require continued attention and leadership, and the new Vice Provost will lead a division-wide effort to assess the division and its strategic plan for strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities

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