There is no resource more precious than water. There is also no resource that is misused, abused, misallocated, and misunderstood the way water is. Safe drinking water, healthy and intact natural ecosystems, and a stable food supply are a few of the things at stake as our water supply is put under greater and greater stress.At Oregon State University, we try to take care of ourselves, our campus, our town, and our world by learning about and purposefully choosing more sustainable water use practices. The SSI Water Projects Coordinator has partnered with many campus and community organizations to bring events and programs such as Campus Conservation Nationals, a newly built Rain Catchment System at the PRIDE Center, DamNation film screening, Water Conservation Scavenger Hunt, and Fresh From the Faucet water bottle decorating and water taste tests. To learn more about these different events, programs, and partner organizations- read below!

Water sustainability projects and groups

Fresh from the Faucet          Engineers Without Borders          Rain Water Harvesting     Campus Conservation Nationals 


     Water Resources                 Water Action Team             Institute for Watersheds                 Hydrophiles    Graduate Program  



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