The Student Sustainability Initiative is managed and run by students, and housed under Oregon State University’s Department of Student Leadership & Involvement.

Issue Areas

To address the wide range of sustainability issues, the SSI has historically housed six distinct programs, each headed by a project coordinator:






Waste Reduction


Interns and Staff

The SSI staff, who are all student employees, includes six project coordinators, a Director, an Administrative Coordinator, a Design Coordinator, an Events Coordinator, and a Media Coordinator. The SSI Internship Program, which was created in January 2012, added internship opportunities as well.

Leadership Team

The Student Sustainability Initiative Leadership Team (SSI Leadership Team) is the group convened periodically to address big-picture issues related to the structure, direction, and performance of the organization. It is composed of six members: the SSI Director, the Fee Board Chair, and three Faculty Advisors. Though the group does make decisions related to the functioning of the organization, it is not a formal committee or board. Rather, it serves as an advising group for members to make sure the core leadership is on the same page about important issues and that issues that might not otherwise have a forum may be brought up for discussion.


Fee Board

The Student Sustainability Initiative Fee Advisory Board (SSI Fee Board) is the group charged with managing revenue generated by the Oregon State University (OSU) Incidental Sustainability Fee. The board is composed of five voting and four non-voting members, all of whom are current students, faculty, or staff of OSU. Details can be found on the SSI Fee Board page.