Morgan Dumitru

Photo of Morgan Dumitru.

As Co-Director of the SSI, Morgan Dumitru is responsible for the advancement, efficiency, efficacy, and overall well-being of the program and its staff. Since receiving an International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2007 for his research on sustainable urban planning, Morgan has worked with a range of organizations to address issues of sustainability and social justice. In the Summer of 2009, he joined the Global Footprint Network as a Communications Intern. The following year, on a grant for Leadership in Social Change from Oregon State University, he worked with the NYC Financial Clinic as a Fellow. In the Fall of 2010, he joined the SSI as Visibility Coordinator. Currently, Morgan is is completing his H.B.S. in Environmental Economics at Oregon State University, with the hopes of continuing his career in the field social and sustainable entrepreneurship, innovating and applying alternative economic theories to address environmental and social issues globally. Personal passions include travel, mountaineering, music, judo, photography, cycling, cooking, and a wide range of outdoor activities.