Kelly Fedderson

Photo of Kelly Fedderson.

As the Food Projects Coordinator at the SSI, Kelly Fedderson works to connect the OSU community with its sources of sustenance and promote thoughtful and sustainable eating. In addition to educating students about food related issues through projects like the SSI's sustainable cooking classes, this year she hopes to partner with OSU's dining services to create lasting institutional changes and transform social norms. Possible projects include enacting campus food policy provisions, setting up a purchasing system that better accommodates smaller local vendors, and initiating a labeling program to increase demand and promote transparency. Kelly is in her senior year majoring in Environmental Science with a focus on Conservation and Sustainability. Upon graduating, she hopes to find a job that allows her to pursue her passions for sustainability and animal rights advocacy. In her spare time, Kelly can be found frolicking in fields with animals, cooking delicious vegan meals, going on spontaneous adventures, and laughing with friends and family.