Jen Christion Myers

Photo of Jen Christion Myers.

Jen Christion Myers is the Faculty Advisor for SSI. She brings a background in environmental philosophy, community organizing, and environmental education to her work fostering student leadership for sustainability at OSU. She knows the power of student activism firsthand -- Jen got her start working in the environmental movement as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland as education coordinator for the student-led campus recycling center. Since then she has served as an environmental education volunteer with Peace Corps Gabon, guided teens on backpacking trips in the Sierras and the Cascades, and led a small non-profit organization strengthening Oregon’s local food systems.

Jen is inspired by the vibrant sense of place in Corvallis, from the thriving community committed to creating a culture of sustainability to the ease of access to the Cascades, Coast Range, and the Pacific. She is a doctoral student in Sustainability Education at Prescott College and loves learning from other cultural worldviews, being in the mountains, kayaking, and writing.