Brian Powell

Photo of Brian Powell.


Brian is currently a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology with a minor in economics. He joined the SSI in May 2012, and as the Administrative Coordinator assists the Director and provides financial and administrative support to the program and staff. When he graduates in June 2014, Brian hopes to go into market research/marketing as a market research analyst. Outside of the SSI, Brian has an internship as a Student Market Researcher for the Close to the Customer Project at OSU and is the President of the OSU Sociology Club. He has been very involved on campus in many different organizations since coming to OSU in September 2010. Brian is engaged and will be getting married in June 2014 after he graduates, at which point he and his fiancée are looking to move to either the Seattle area or somewhere in California. He hopes to join a market research/marketing firm or work for the marketing department of a large corporation. Brian is thinking about eventually attending graduate school for business administration,   economics, or statistics. He and his fiancée hope to start a family within a few years after graduation.