Alisa Narvaez

Photo of Alisa Narvaez.

Alisa Narvaez is the Visibility Coordinator for the SSI. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Apparel Design where she has chosen a focus on bridal and formal gowns. She would also like to incorporate sustainability into her work by choosing eco-conscious materials and manufacturing facilities that are considerate of the environment. Previous to working with the SSI Alisa was an intern with the advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy where she learned the basics of marketing and advertising by working with professionals and gaining skills with computer design programs. Eventually Alisa would like to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry where her designs will be both functional and individual pieces of art.  Her other interests include travel, watching soccer, hiking, reading, volunteering, drawing, cooking/baking for friends and family, and spending time with her 2 dogs and tortoise.