Visibility Coordinator

The SSI staff member responsible for promoting the Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI).

Matthew Miner

Photograph of Matthew Miner.
Visibility Coordinator

Matthew has various interests in issues surrounding sustainability and "renewability". He currently studies Renewable Materials here at OSU, while running a renewable eyewear business named BOSKY on the side. He is interested in renewable plastics (because petroleum plastics are inherently evil), sustainable new product design, and making world social issues a mainstream concern for movement towards resolve. In his spare time he enjoys melodic beat boxing, using synthesizers for electronic music, and mountain biking!


Alisa Narvaez

Photograph of Alisa Narvaez.
Design and Visibility Coordinator

Alisa Narvaez is the Visibility Coordinator for the SSI.


Media Coordinator

The OSU Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) is a student-fee funded, student-led program in the Department of Student Leadership & Involvement.

Open to Applications
Employment Dates and Hours: 

Staff transition training will begin around May 5th, 2014 and run approximately 10 hours during the spring term. Summer hours may be available. All-staff training is required and runs from approximately September 10th-26th, 2014.  Staff work from 10-15 hours per week during the academic year.

Pay rate will start at $9.60 per hour.